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Monday, October 17, 2016

Ankle Update

[Sorry to be so tardy with this update]

I had fresh X-rays taken 10/3 and met  with my doctor 10/6.  The radiologist report says it's healing normally now.  Dr. Fiel says I can wind down my PT and once I'm done I can return to the ice, taking it slow at first.  No jumping/spinning 'til I can jump off-ice with no pain.

My tentative plan is to wind down my PT by the end of the month or so, then start back with figures and basic stroking.  I hope to return to lessons the first or second week of November, though I might put power on hold for a bit.

It's been a long struggle and I'm impatient but I'm almost there.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Ankle Update

I had a followup appointment today with my doctor.  News is mixed.

On the positive side, physical therapy is helping a lot.  My ankle is stronger, range of motion is almost normal, and swelling is minimal.

On the negative side, there is still quite a bit of looseness in the joint, there's still a significant amount of pain at times, and worst of all, x-rays show that while there is some healing of the fracture, the break is still "significantly visible" (if I remember correctly).

So my doctor is going to have my PT do some bone stimulation, and we'll continue physical therapy.  More X-rays in 3 weeks and another followup appointment in 4 weeks.

I'm concerned, upset and frustrated. ARRGH.  But, it is what it is and all I can do is follow my doctor's orders and try to be patient.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ankle Update

I've had 9 PT appointments and a followup visit with my doctor last Tuesday.

The good news is that I've regained most of my range of motion, and balance is improving.  The bad news is, based on the X-rays from 2 weeks ago, healing of the bone is not as far advanced as it should be.  There's still a fair amount of swelling, some pain, looseness in the joint and a lot of weakness.  I also notice I've lost a lot of muscle mass in the left calf. Geez!

The plan is 1) continue PT for another couple of weeks or so, 2) followup X-rays in 2 weeks and 3) back to the doctor in 4 weeks.

So this is all taking longer than I'd like... but it's getting there. The good part is I have a great doctor and a great physical therapist who understand I want to get back to skating, not just walking.  We'll get there.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ankle Update

I had a followup appointment with my doctor today, 5 weeks out from my fall.  The good news is that my ankle is healing well.  As of today I don't normally need to wear the boot unless I'm going to be walking a lot. Otherwise an ankle brace will suffice.

I've been prescribed 3 weeks of PT (3x/week) so back to Athletico I will be going, starting tomorrow.  And, followup xrays this week (last xrays were 3 weeks ago).

I will be going back to the doctor 8/9 for a followup which hopefully will pronounce me good as (almost) new.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fractured Fibula

Well, crud.  Yesterday's fall was worse than I'd hoped.  X-rays at urgent care say I've fractured my fibula (that's the bone on the outside of the leg) in two places.  Grr.  The good news is that it's not a weight-bearing bone and should heal just fine.  I need to do a followup with my primary care and an ortho but at this point I will be off the ice for a while. Grrr.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


My power lesson with Holly on the Gilbert adult skate.  I picked up my newly-sealed and sharpened skates at FedEx just before my lesson, and had about 20 minutes to warm up in them.

Today's lesson:

  • stroking -- two (count 'em, two) hard laps.
  • FXOs -- around the end circles, around the center, then around the other end.  Clockwise is still pretty rough.
  • slaloms -- two laps!  Ugh but they went better than I would have thought, actually.
  • twizzles -- actually, not too bad.  We did several sets up and down the line.
  • mohawks -- this was inside mohawk - inside edge, change feet, repeat.  This gets at the problems I have getting into the power-3s from the back lobes.  Tough, but it was improving until...
  • splat! -- Holly told me one more set of mohawks and as I started on the RFI edge I somehow started to fall backward, and in doing so my L foot caught (I think my toepick caught the ice instead of sliding out in front of me) and so I went down on my back but my ankle hyperextended or something.  The good news (and it really is good news) is that I didn't hit my head.  The bad news is I really sprained my L ankle good.  Holly took my boot off for me and Melissa got me some ice, then Holly and Ward helped me up.  Yuck.
So a few hours later, it's pretty swollen.  It actually doesn't hurt that much (ibuprofen for the win!).  I think it will be okay.  I'm icing it and doing all that good stuff.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Preliminary Test & Serpentines

I skated the Chandler adult freestyle today for my figures lesson with Lynne.  I was a little pressed for time so all I got to do was scribe circles before we started.

Today's lesson:

  • edges -- not bad.  Very first FO was a little wobbly but after that all was good. BI was really, really nice -- first lobe was good size for once!
  • FO8 -- not bad.  Some small issues on the LFO, I need to really lock my core better on the push and bend my knees a bit more.
  • FI8 -- pretty nice.
  • waltz-8 -- the first one was going really well!! and then... I got a bit forward on the 2nd RFO3 and was going to fast and kinda lost it.  We started over and it was better.  Still working to improve the step forward but otherwise not too bad.
  • serpentines -- I did a complete set on each foot.  Only made it around the full distance about once on each foot :-(.    The FIO change is actually not bad, it's the FOI that is still a bit troublesome (weird!).  Needs work.

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