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Thursday, January 22, 2015

5-Step Mohawk & Program

My lesson with JJ on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Gilbert. I warmed up with the Bronze moves.

Today's lesson:

  • 5-step mohawk -- JJ saw me doing these as he came on the ice so of course he wanted to look at them a little.  They are getting better.  JJ suggested I should work to keep my weight back on the blade on the 2nd step so that I would not be up on the toe so much on the 3rd step. It did help a bit. Hopefully I can remember to do that all the time!  These are actually a lot better thought I still don't like the actual mohawk very much.
  • program -- we spent most of the session working on the free skate.   We got about a third of the way through.  On the one hand it's pretty cringe-inducing to have to watch the video from last year's PCAS.  On the other hand though it felt a lot easier than I think it did last year. I credit all the work on Bronze moves! We added an arm movement going into the RFI spiral.  I need to get JJ to video that as incentive to do a more convincing spiral.  I also need to practice it!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Preliminary Test & BO8

My lesson with Lynne on the Chandler Ice Cafe.

I just had time to scribe circles before we started.  We skipped warmup and went right along.

Today's lesson:

  • FO8 - I had some control issues (hey, no warmup) but managed okay.
  • FI8 - actually, quite nice.  I was happy :-)
  • waltz-8 -- A little better than it's been.  After the first run-through we ran them again.  Mostly the same issues I've been dealing with but slightly better.
  • BO8 - whoa!  I had not done these in a while and it showed.  After the first couple it did get better though.  I really need to work on presence of mind so that I consistently do the things I know I need to do for these -- like, bend the knees A LOT on the initial push, and keep that darn free foot in front for the first 1/3 or so of the circle.
After my lesson I worked on serpentines and 3s to center for the rest of my skate.

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My spins lesson with Lynne on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Chandler.

Before my lesson I ran the Bronze moves test and then worked some more on power-3s.

Today's lesson:

  • standing start-- started off a bit rough but then gradually improved until I managed several that were pretty good (3 revs).  Pretty much the same issues as usual.
  • windup -- again, a rough start but by the end I managed to get a couple that were pretty decent.
After my lesson I worked on jumps a bit (waltz, sal, toe).  Sal and toe are pretty awful.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015


My lesson with JJ on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Gilbert.  During my warmup I worked on running through the Bronze moves test but it was a little crowded and I didn't make it all the way through.

For today's lesson we continued working on power-3s.  First JJ had me run the L side, then we worked on the R side.  We worked on improving the BXO and then pushing forward from it; getting a better knee bend in the BXO and then just stepping forward.  We made some progress I think. There's still a lot to do on these, though.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Preliminary Test

My figures lesson with Lynne on the Chandler Ice Café.

I warmed up with edges and then scribed my circles and we started my lesson.

Today's lesson:
  • FO8 -- actually pretty good.  The LFO was a little weak once but in general it was pretty good. Good flow, good tracing, reasonably good body position.
  • FI8 -- pretty good.
  • waltz-8 -- we spent the remainder of the lesson on these.  The 3s were okay (RFO3 was a little flat going in).  The LBO was not bad.  RBO was weak but not too bad.  Step forward was relatively okay (still not passable, but not as bad as it's been.).  
After our lesson I worked on serpentines, 3s to center, and then a little more waltz-8.

In general  I was really pleased, considering I had not skated patch in about a month.  I didn't really lose any ground and I actually have some hope about the waltz-8.

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Spins & Power-3s

My lesson with Lynne on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Chandler.  This session was just me and Jaclyn (and Tammi) so nice and quiet.  Today's lesson was make-up for the lesson I missed 1/2 when I was sick.

Before my lesson I had a half an hour to work on Bronze moves.   Not much changed from Monday :-) but the 5-step was maybe a little better.  I ran the test once, then went back and did 5-step, power-3s and the BXOs to BO edges again.

I told Lynne that I wanted to work on power-3s and also spins.  Today's lesson:
  • power-3s -- we just worked the RFO3.  These are improved, definitely.  Lynne had me working on being to forward on the 3, but standing more upright (I tend to kind of "dive" into them).  We actually had a little success with this and it helped me delay the 3 a little, so yay.  There were some that were rather better and others that were about the same -- a bit inconsistent.
  • spins -- we just worked on the standing start.  After Monday's really good lesson I had high hopes but alas, most of them today were pretty crappy :-(.  I kept rushing.  It's all mental.  Oh well.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


My spins lesson with Lynne on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Chandler.

Before my lesson I had a half-hour to work on Bronze moves.  About the same as yesterday :-).  I worked a bit on doing better FXOs and when I ran them I did get a better "good side" FXO with some actual underpush.  The other side was about the same.  Power-3s were maybe slightly better.  I'm still working on trying to hold the FO edge a little longer before the turn.

Today's lesson:

  • standing start -- these started off pretty rough but improved quickly.  I managed several pretty decent 3-rev spins.
  • windup -- again a bit of a rough start but these turned out pretty well, I did about 3 3-rev spins in a row.  They aren't centered but they are a good start!
After my lesson I had just a few minutes so I worked a bit on waltz jump and salchow.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Skating With TFSC

I was down in Tucson to skate for TFSC's club ice at TCC.  I spent the whole time working on moves -- I ran the Bronze test, then worked on perimeter XOs, BXOs to BO edges, 5-step mohawk, and of course the majority of the time on power-3s.  I think I made a little progress.  I really don't see these being ready to test at the end of the month though.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Power-3s

My lesson with Lynne on the 6:45 a.m. FS at Gilbert.

Once again we worked just on power-3s and really just the R side.  Lynne had me work to improve my body position for the step forward into the 3, getting more turned into the circle.  We also worked on getting me to put the R foot down further inside the circle from the L foot -- that way my weight is magically over the R side when I step and I'm not having to struggle to try to get it moved over.  We had some success with this, actually.  These things still stink but they are stinking slightly less with every lesson so I guess I'm satisfied, for now at least.

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Moves & Salchow

My lesson with JJ on the 6 a.m. FS at Gilbert.  Only 2 more 6 a.m. lessons!  Then we can move to a somewhat more reasonable hour..

Today's lesson:
  • Perimeter XOs -- reasonably okay.  BXOs could use some improvement but I think it is more-or-less passable.
  • Power-3s -- LFO3s are almost okay -- BXOs need improvement and I need to place the 3 better.  RFO3s... still need a lot of work.
  • BXOs to BO edges -- not bad, actually.  Need to have better posture/carriage on the BO edge and again, BXOs could be more deliberate w/better cross.
  • circle-8 -- pretty good.
  • 5-step mohawk -- meh.  Not that bad but I slow down a lot.  I tried to push harder into the last one, got a bit too forward on the blade and almost fell.  Bleah.
  • program review -- we spent about 5 minutes going over what we could remember of the free skate (neither one of us looked at it before our lesson, duh).
  • salchow -- we spent some time on these.  We managed to improve the check on the 3 and to hold the exit longer but I'm still waiting too long and there's not much jump in my jump.  It's mostly a timing issue.  Grrr.
All in all a very productive lesson.  We video'd the Moves so I can look at them later (and cringe, I'm sure).

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