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Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick Update

 I realized I had not updated in quite a while, so here we go...

 My knee is slowly improving, and it's just about time to consider getting back on the ice, at least in a limited fashion.  I'm thinking late this week or next week, starting with patch.

 I gave JJ some selections for a new free skate.  Obviously I won't be able to do this for Cactus, there's no time, but I'm hopeful for Sherwood at the end of August.

 I had a great time announcing at Ice Fest in Seattle at the end of May/early June.  June 16th I got to be chief announcer for Desert Breeze (DISCOA's competition) -- that just means I'm the main guy.  I actually did most of it myself though I did get some help from the lovely Laura Sokol, which was much appreciated.  It all went pretty well.