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Monday, November 09, 2009

Sidelined Again

I saw the podiatrist on Friday. The GOOD news is that my unspoken fear (that I had re-broken my foot) did not come to pass -- xrays show my foot bones are fine.

The not as good news is that the doctor says that my pain in my foot is probably a combination of overuse (moving, carrying heavy boxes etc., walking barefoot on the tile floors in the new house) so soon after the break, and my foot adjusting to bearing weight slightly differently than it did before (my 3rd metatarsal is now slightly shorter than pre-break, so the other bones bear weight just a little differently). He suggested that I rest it, take lots of ibuprofen, don't walk on the tile floors without shoes or cushy flipflops, and perhaps some ice if it's swollen. I go back in 3 weeks, if it's not better we might explore some inserts or orthotics (I have orthotics the previous pod gave me that I wear now).

So... I'm taking a couple of weeks off the ice although I can say it didn't hurt to skate. Geez.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Trial Lesson With Lynne

I had a trial lesson today with another coach, Lynne. Lynne was highly recommended to me as a figures coach, and also as a freestyle coach. Today's lesson was on the coffee club session at Chandler. The ice had been freshly Zam'd and was actually the nicest ice I've seen yet here in Phoenix. Really, quite nice, and the session only had 4 skaters and 2 coaches.

I warmed up with some figures and then some moves. At 12:15 (the appointed time) Lynne came out and introduced herself and we began:
  • FO8/FI8 -- started with figures. I had done some of these in warmup and they were not bad. Lynne asked me to keep my back straighter especially in the 2nd half of the circle.
  • Serpentine -- just a little time on these. I need a better push. Lynne had me bring my foot forward earlier and hold it there before the change of edge, which seemed to produce a better run after the change of edge.
  • Forward perimeter XOs -- Lynne suggested that I need to curve the FI edge more, it's too straight. I really like these and it shows, I am starting to get some good speed with these and I'm pretty good about maintaining the axis.
  • Back perimeter XOs -- Lynne pointed out that I do 6 of these (I hadn't really been counting) and really I could open them up and just do 4. My BXOs are still pretty scratchy and the weight shift is not bad but inconsistent.
  • Spins -- Lynne had me really work to hold the FO edge out, which exposed that I often don't get solidly over my L side. I'll have to work this some more. It also tends to slow my tempo down which is also helpful.
  • Toe loop -- my other freestyle sore spot (well, okay, there are many more). Nothing particularly new, Lynne had me work on doing the BO pivot and trying to feel where my weight is on the BO edge beforehand.
And with that we were out of time. Lynne had told me she'd done ice shows for several years and had taught for about 5 (?) years before that, and another 3 years or so since. I told her I would let her know about my decision.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I should have scheduled my trial lessons closer together but my L foot has been bugging me and I am waiting to go back to the podiatrist, so I have been trying to take it easy. So I'm not sure if I should make a decision now or look at more coaches or what. In the past I had fewer choices and it was simpler :-).


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday (Non-)Zoo

I skated for an hour and 15 minutes at the public session this afternoon in Gilbert. I met up with skate buddy Melissa who introduced me to some adult skaters and one younger skater as well.

I had a really good skate! The session was not too crowded, actually, and the ice was pretty good. Despite being off the ice for a week and a half, I felt very relaxed and happy and enthused. Worked on some moves, as well as toe loop, waltz jump and some spins. Had a rather odd fall on a spin, but no harm/no foul.