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Monday, August 07, 2017

Bronze Moves, Jumps

My lesson with Holly on the Gilbert adult skate -- moved to today due to travel this week for National Showcase.

I warmed up with some stroking, 3s and circle-8.

Today's lesson:

  • BXOs to BO edges -- we worked on getting me to look over my free shoulder on the BO edge and let it curve around more.  Real improvement!  Still up on my toe a bit on the RBO (not the LBO, kinda weird).  It's getting better though.  Would still like to improve my speed.
  • perimeter XOs -- Not bad, actually.  I ran through the whole move and then we worked some more on the FXO side as the BXOs were actually pretty good.  Holly had me work to get the lobes a bit deeper and let things curve around a bit more.  Some good work, I think.
  • waltz jump -- just a few, mostly trying to get a bit more lift and to hold the landing better.
  • salchow -- actually these are not too bad!
  • toe loop -- ugh.  We worked on getting me to check better after the turn and not bring the upper body around too quickly.  We made some progress but a long way to go.

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