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Monday, March 02, 2015


My spins lesson with Lynne on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Chandler.

Before my lesson I ran Bronze Moves to warm up.  I've moved my starting position around so that I will do the harder side of the power-3s further from the judges :-).

I ran the free skate once with music.  It was kind of okay; the spin actually sort of happened but the salchow was horrible.  After that I worked on the salchow and got one that was kind of okay (not much "jump" in that jump though :-( ).

Today's lesson:

  • standing start -- ugh.  Not much better than last week.  A few that were two revs but that was about the best.    I finally was getting better entrances but not bringing in the free leg well.  Yuck.
  • program entry -- I managed a couple that were 2 revs.  I was doing a better job of holding the free side back on the step forward (hopefully that will translate to the standard windup) but still tending to rush things.  Ugh.
After my lesson I had just a few minutes so I ran the light program (meh) and the free skate again.

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