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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Competition Prep

My last lesson and practice before the competition this weekend! I skated the Chandler Ice Café for my figures lesson. Gorgeous ice today, and 6 skaters.

I had no real time to warmup as I was slightly late getting on the ice and we started my lesson at 12.  As a result I was kind of nervous the whole time, which is IMHO good practice for competition anyway.

For today's lesson we did a bunch of layouts on clean ice, no scribe.  We did a couple where I did an FI8, then a waltz-8 on the same circles.  Then we did several waltz-8s on clean ice.

In general the FI8 was okay, although my nerves were getting me and it definitely wasn't my best.  The waltz-8.... kind of rough, though it did get better.  Still some real control issues all around.  At least I didn't fall :p.

The figures competition is Sunday morning!

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