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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spins & Power-3s

My lesson with Lynne on the 7:30 a.m. FS at Chandler.  This session was just me and Jaclyn (and Tammi) so nice and quiet.  Today's lesson was make-up for the lesson I missed 1/2 when I was sick.

Before my lesson I had a half an hour to work on Bronze moves.   Not much changed from Monday :-) but the 5-step was maybe a little better.  I ran the test once, then went back and did 5-step, power-3s and the BXOs to BO edges again.

I told Lynne that I wanted to work on power-3s and also spins.  Today's lesson:
  • power-3s -- we just worked the RFO3.  These are improved, definitely.  Lynne had me working on being to forward on the 3, but standing more upright (I tend to kind of "dive" into them).  We actually had a little success with this and it helped me delay the 3 a little, so yay.  There were some that were rather better and others that were about the same -- a bit inconsistent.
  • spins -- we just worked on the standing start.  After Monday's really good lesson I had high hopes but alas, most of them today were pretty crappy :-(.  I kept rushing.  It's all mental.  Oh well.

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