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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Today was a milestone, my 100th lesson with Anna. It's also my last in this timeslot, at least for a bit, since the freestyle schedule is changing yet again soon. Today's lesson was all about turns:
  • backward stroking -- just a couple of minutes on these to start off. Uusal reminder to point the free foot, and to bring it off the ice by sliding it off, not just picking it up. I was having a lot of problems with trying to keep from getting up on my toe on these, especially on the right foot (of course).
  • Mohawk combo -- this is the FXO, FXO, FI Mo, cross-step, BI Mo combo on the circle. Wow. I had not practiced this in a while and it really showed. The CCW one wasn't too bad except that I had a lot of problems with the step forward; the CW was very scratchy and insecure. Need to work these, it's a good combo. Anna was pleased, though, that I was entering the Mohawk with (apparently) more speed than I previously did, and it was more aggressive.
  • Mohawks -- Anna wanted some standalone Mohawks on the circle. Not too bad; Anna reminded me to keep looking over my hand. The LFI Mo tended to be a little rushed, though. Anna had me do them from a standing start, then from stroke-stroke-Mo. Since I've been practicing the 5-step Mohawk I really like them a lot more; I suspect I'm more comfortable with the BI edge. Still have to not rush the FI edge though! Anna also said I'm tending to bring the free foot too far forward before the turn, which makes it harder.
  • 3s/alt-3s -- a good chunk of time on these. These have definitely improved (even the FI3s). I was able to get my placement dead-on for the FO3s and I can do the step-forward from the RBI -- still not happening from the LBI yet. The FI3s are improved but still considerably lagging the FO3s. Still, just this week I'm starting to feel like there's a chance I will get these darn things by August test date. I hope so.
Anna mentioned in passing that she is raising her rates to $50/hr starting the 15th. Apparently my reaction was the same one she's gotten from everyone -- "it's about time!" She is so worth it. Besides, with the cutbacks in freestyle time I can only imagine it's hurting her (and all the other coaches') income.

I will be off the ice for a week as I'm going to be travelling (and won't have a chance to skate while I'm gone). I will be back on the ice a week from tomorrow, just in time to get my skating legs back before the John Zimmerman clinic at our rink 6/18.

Ice Update: I have to retract my skepticism. I failed to blog last night that they have started laying the new front ice. After 2.5 months, it will be really nice to see it up and functioning again.

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