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Friday, June 17, 2005

Back On The Ice

I got back in town last night, and so was at the adult session today and skated for the first time in a week. Since I had also gotten my blades sharpened last week, the combination of rusty legs and sharp blades was interesting...

Worked through a lot of stuff. Did my 10 waltz jumps -- I'm not impressed. I'd rate form at a 6, height at about a 2. Did a couple of good spins, worked some 3s and 5-step Mohawk and power 3s. Did a few crossovers and some edges. Wow, my BI edges felt so much better with sharp blades! It was really nice.

Met a new skater, Phil, and his wife. Phil says he's been skating for 3 years but has been off ice for 4, so he's trying to get back to where he was. Always nice to see new adults!


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