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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Spins & Mohawks

My lesson with Holly on the adult skater at Gilbert.  I warmed up with stroking and edges, FXOs, and a spin.

Today's lesson:

  • spins -- I showed Holly the last spin I'd done, it was actually okay (for me), about 2.5 revs and actually centered.  So we spent some time working on spins.  Holly emphasized that I need to stay down in the knee not just longer, but until I've actually come around.  After some tries I was able to do this (somewhat). The next point was to stay over the L side while simultaneously bringing in the free leg and straightening the skating leg.  Ugh, this is hard!  Not doing so great at bringing in the free leg.  The last point was to bring in the arms.  Not so great. Still we definitely made some good progress, especially considering where I was just a couple of weeks ago.
  • mohawks -- I told Holly we needed to do these today -- I had not done once since I broke my ankle doing them June 14th.   I had done some at the boards but not on my own on the ice.  So... I did a couple with Holly holding my hand, then TA-DA I did them on my own.  Not really a big deal, but I'm glad to have that over with.
  • program planning -- we spent a little time going over the program I have now (Dramatic) and discussing plans for a future free skate and light program.

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