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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Holiday Show

Well, the holiday show (Winterfest 2004) has come and gone. It was a whirlwind... a lot of fun, and now I'm totally exhausted.

I took some time to skate Saturday afternoon at the public session, and it was a good thing since we got NO warmup time before the show Saturday evening. The show itself went well. Our number went okay although I wasn't satisfied with my lunge/turn (STILL caught the edge) AND I just left out the bunnyhop entirely. I wasn't too nervous though. After the show there was public skating for a while and most of the cast (including me) stayed after to skate for a while since we were all pretty hyper!

Based on Saturday, I made time to go to the 9 a.m. freestyle session this morning so that I would have gotten some ice time today. It was a GREAT session, just me by myself for the first half, then just one other person for the second half. Got to the rink at 1 p.m. for pictures etc., and we did get a brief warmup just before the show started, so that was good. Our number was better in some ways, but I just did a straight lunge instead of the lunge/turn -- as I was turning to do the lunge I had some weirdness with my balance on my left skate and felt off-balance, so decided to just do the lunge and not try the turn since I didn't think I would get my weight forward enough to pull it off without going splat. Unfortunately, of course, they didn't videotape (as far as I know) last night's performance, only today's. Oh well. After the show I skated for about an hour.

There were so many wonderful performances today -- the soloists were awesome! And of course I felt really happy to be part of it since I know almost everybody involved, and to see them out their doing their stuff (and doing it well) -- it was just terrific. I'm really pleased and glad I did the show, it was a wonderful experience.

Update: I missed it when it first came out, but the Arizona Daily Star did a nice article on the show.


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